pencilsHow we do it

Perceptive Insight is a full service market research agency providing a wide range of primary research techniques.  Whether you require in-depth exploration or a substantive measure of an issue we can offer the qualitative and quantitative techniques to meet your objectives.

We work with you to decide the best approach to meeting your research needs. We have listed below some of our qualitative and quantitative techniques so that you can understand more fully the work that we undertake.

aqrmember-100bgQualitative research

  • Focus group discussions
  • In-depth interviews
  • Participant observation  

Quantitative Research

  • Face-to-face interviewing using iPad technology
  • Telephone interviewing from our Belfast based CATI call centre
  • Postal or self completion surveys
  • Online surveys

Fieldwork only services

  • Fieldwork only services for those who have their own in-house research team

Data processing services