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Questionnaire design

We work in collaboration with you to ensure your research asks the right questions to gather the information and insight you require. This service is available independently of fieldwork and reporting services. Over decades of research experience, we have become experts in design techniques to maximise response rates and ensure unbiased results. Our questionnaires can be used across face-to-face, telephone and online methodologies. Whether you require advice to refine a questionnaire already in development or simply have a proposal to be implemented, we can offer the professional support you need.


Reporting and outputs

We offer a full report writing service which is also available independently of questionnaire design and fieldwork services. Our research consultants have extensive experience in quantitative and qualitative data analysis and can support your research with reports produced to a publishable standard, including unbiased conclusions and actionable recommendations for implementation of research findings. Depending on your budget and requirements, we can present the findings to you in a range of formats, including infographics, presentations, full written and tabular reports.



Our consultants have extensive experience in the moderation of group discussions. Again this can be offered as a standalone service or in conjunction with fieldwork and reporting. A professional moderator will ensure that discussion is unbiased and can guide and structure the content to ensure all your areas of interest and priority are addressed. In this way, our moderation service will maximise and add value to the insight provided through a focus group methodology.


summary of headline findings in visually attractive picture passed format. Ideal for effective internal and external communications

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