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Telephone surveys

All telephone surveys are administered by our in-house Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) call centre, with each of our interviewers fully trained and briefed on the requirements of individual projects. The in-house nature of our call centre allows us to be highly responsive to client needs and to evolving circumstances during the lifecycle of a project. Our call centre manager and research consultants closely monitor survey implementation to ensure the highest quality of interviewing and project completion to meet your timeframe.


Face-to-face surveys

Face-to-face surveys are carried out by our panel of expert field interviewers. Perceptive Insight is accredited under the externally assessed Interviewer Quality Control Scheme. To meet this accreditation, interviewers go through a continuous process of training, monitoring and evaluation, which includes back-checking a minimum of 10% of interviews. All members of our interviewer panel have experience of large scale and complex survey implementation and are highly-skilled in managing and addressing respondent concerns as well as using language to reassure and persuade potential respondents. As such, we have a strong record of high response rates. Face-to-face interviews are normally carried out using iPads and Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) software, which enables efficient data collection and monitoring of the progress of fieldwork.


Online surveys

Online surveys are professionally designed and administered via an online link.  We are able to monitoring non-response to e-surveys and send targeted emails to boost participation.  If you would prefer, we are able to design and script the questionnaire and then provide you with the link to administer to your own contact database.


Mystery shopping

Our mystery shopping offering is an effective way to measure the quality of customer service, or product or compliance with regulation within your business or organisation. We can provide this service for all types of businesses and services throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.  A member of our expert team will be fully briefed on your specific requirements in order to provide valuable and detailed insight tailored to your needs.

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